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What We Have Seen and Heard (epub)

by Christiane Jurik

Moses, David, Isaiah … The Bible is full of people who, after witnessing mighty acts of God, wrote down what they had seen and heard. Their stories are often so personal in nature, so intimate and human, that the reader cannot help but be captivated by them. The anthology of testimonies you hold in your hands also contains very personal accounts. These are the stories of 23 Jews whose lives have been changed by God: medical doctors and pianists, computer engineers and school teachers alike. Indeed, the faith-journeys of some of these men and women started during a beautiful childhood filled with Jewish customs and traditions, and some at the darkest moment in their lives. Nt one testimony is the same, but they all call out to you, "Let us reason together so that you might know what is the breadth and length and height and depth of God's love for you!"

  • Ebook for Kindle and Epub readers
  • 162 pages
  • Approximate download file size is 3.02MB
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